Labour Law

Birou Avocatura Bucuresti - Avocat Alexandra Florescu

Work relationships between employer and the employees is one of the main areas of our practice, , and our clients come from both ends of the relation.

We also specialize in assisting clients in relation to all aspects concerning employment of foreigners in Romania and compliance with the national We also advise and represent foreigners from outside or inside the European Union borders in order to obtain legal employment forms for Romania.

We provide assistance and/or representation to clients in employment law disputes.

Our practice offers legal services as:

  • Drafting and providing legal advice on individual employment contracts and their addendum’s, drafting special clauses of confidentiality, professional training.
  • Drafting and providing legal advice related to clauses of internal regulations of companies.
  • Legal advice and assistance in case of reorganization of the employer, including the transfer of the employer’s activity
  • Assistance in resolving disputes through negotiation arising between employers and employees working on contract enforcement, legal services being offered or their employer companies or employees.
  • Assistance and/or representation in labor disputes in specialized labor law courts.
  • Unfair dismissal claims.
  • Claims on non-collection of amounts due.

Foreign clients service:

  • Legal advice and representation of foreign companies on all aspects of labor, employment in Romania, including obtaining necessary visas employment in Romania.
  • Consultancy, assistance and/or representation of foreign nationals in the European Union or outside the European Union to obtain, visas, permits, authorizations and certificates of work and/or residence in Romania.
  • Consultancy, assistance and/or representation of foreign nationals in order to fiscally register them in Romania.
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